Catholic Archbishop Warns against Using Phone in the church

Catholic Archbishop Warns against Using Phone in the church – Many has formed it as a habit that they will always press their phone anywhere they are. They did not put an exception to church and continues using mobile phone in the church while service is ongoing.

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Using your phone in the church means diverting the little time you brought out for God to other things by the use of your phone in the church.

To this end, the catholic archbishop of Lagos state, Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins has warned Christians to abstain from using their phone in the church while the service or church sermon is in progress.

Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins said using phone in the church is a sign of disrespect to God. He urges Christians to avoid the use of phone in place of worship.  Many are addicted to phones that they can’t stay more than 30 minutes without operating their mobile phone. While the sermon is going on in the church, they will be busy pressing their phone.

Bishop urges Christians to shun and abstain from the use of phone in the church. He made this appeal in a sermon he delivered at a Catholic Church in Festac Town, Lagos when he went for dedication of the Catholic Church of Visitation there in Festac Lagos state.

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He said that the character some Christian now shows by turning their phones into Holy Bible, reading scriptures, news and researches with their phones during sermons does not in any way show act of reverence and humility to God.

Archbishop Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins used Mack Zuckerberg Facebook founder who visited Nigeria recently as an example to Nigerian youths. He said that many people have abused technology by the way they use them. He noted that Mack Zuckerberg character portrays humility which all Nigerians should learn from.

All the bishop asked was that all Christians should avoid the use of their mobile phone as bible and reading of news or chatting while the sermon is ongoing.

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