Man Sent to Jail For Naming His Dog Buhari

Man Sent to Jail For Naming His Dog  Buhari – Mr Joachim Iroko has been sent to jail for calling his dog after the Nigerian Presidents name Buhari. Joachim is also known as Joe, on 21st August 2016, he was charged to court by the Nigerian Police for Naming his dog buhari which the police said is a conduct of breach to peace.

Joachim who called his Dog Buhari was found with his colleagues parading a dog with a tag Buhari. They wrote Buhari and pasted it on the Dog’s Body and were parading the dog all over the vicinity. Joachim when taken to the court said he named his dog after his father whose name is Alhaji Buhari.

The man who named his dog Buhari, was retained at Ibara Prison following his arraignment at the Ota Magistrate Court 2, Ogun State. His case number or suit number was disclosed as MOT/617c/2016. Mr. Joachim who allegedly named his dog after buhari was prosecuted by Itaita Ebibomini and accused him of committing the offence on Saturday, August 13, 2016, at the Hausa section of Ketere Market in Sango-Ota in the Ota Magisterial District.

The prosecutor told the court that the offence was punishable under Section 249 (d) of Criminal Law of Ogun State, Nigeria, 2016. But Mr. Joachim representor pleaded not guilty to the accusation

Look at what Mr. Joachim was charged for Naming his Dog after Buhari: “Mr. Joachim Iroko, aka Joe, and others still at large, on Saturday, August 13, 2016, at about 5.30pm at the Ketere area, Sango, in the Ota Magisterial District did conduct yourselves in a manner likely to cause breach of the peace, by writing a name, Buhari, on a dog and parading same in the Hausa section of Ketere Market, Sango, thereby, committing an offence contrary to and punishable under Section 249 (d) of the Criminal Law of Ogun State, Nigeria, 2016.”

Mr. Joachim’s counsel pleaded with the court to grant bail to Joachim and his plea was not opposed. He was admitted to be bailed with a sum of 50,000 and he should bring two people to surety him.

The court said that the sureties must have to attach four passport photographs each to the bail bond, depose to affidavits of being gainfully employed, and reside in the court’s jurisdiction. The case was adjourned till 19th September, 2016.

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