Has MMM crashed in Nigeria -Latest news on mmm Nigeria

Has MMM crashed in Nigeria -Latest news on mmm Nigeria – Owning to the latest development in mmm Nigeria, many people thought that MMM has crashed but I think you should read the entire post if you really want to know the latest news on mmm Nigeria.

Has MMM Crashed in Nigeria? This is the question many mmm participants in Nigeria will be asking after seeing the automatic freezing of their mavros for one month. Before now, many media has carried it that MMM crashes in Nigeria. This is not true as mmm is still strong and healthy only that treats from government and other authorities is trying to put panic on the system.

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MMM didn’t crash in Nigeria but all Mavros are frozen for one month. What do I mean that all Mavros are frozen for one month? Ok, let me clarify you about that. Within one month, you will not be able to get Help (Create a withdrawal order) as all confirmed Mavros will be frozen.

You might want to know why all mavros are frozen. This is a festive season and many people are getting help even those who fear that MMM will crash this December, so the number of people getting help is now more than the number of people providing help. Whenever the number of GH supersedes PH, there is likely to be a problem.

To avert this, MMM Nigeria now introduce pause mode. During pause mode, all mavros will be frozen till there is no more panic in the system. This is just pause mode and does not necessarily mean that the system has crashed.

The news about the freezing of all confirmed orders in mmm was published on on 13th December 2016. So every mmm participants will be able to Get Help on January 14th 2016.

Not that during the pause mode, you will be able to provide help and get the 20% accrued Christmas bonus. Your provide help order will not be matched until 14th January when there will be automatic unfreezing of all accounts.

So to those that say MMM Crashes in Nigeria, know you that the on mmm Nigeria is not that it has crashed but there is pause mode which will last till January 14th 2017.

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