Nigerian Lady Emerges best Graduating Medical Doctor in Sudan University

Nigerian Lady Emerges best Graduating Medical Doctor in Sudan University – This is breaking news as a Nigerian lady who is an orphan emerges the best graduating student of medicine in a Sudan university. She was crowned the best graduating student at the International University of Africa, IUA Sudan.

Although she was admitted to read nursing at IUA but by the grace of God she graduated as a medical doctor. I know it might surprise you how someone admitted to read nursing graduate as a medical doctor. I have explained that and you will see it as you read down.

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Despite the fact that Abdulkadir Islamiyat Oluwatoyin lost her parents when she was in her late six, it did not deprive her from achieving her talent. Her dream has come true as she graduated in a grand style at IUA Sudan. She emerged the best graduating student and was crowned as such.

Abdulkadir Islamiyat Oluwatoyin who emerges best graduating medical student in Sudan University educational history started from primary school. She lost her parents early and there was nobody there to help in her training. But in every situation, God always intervenes.

In her situation, God intervened though Alhaja Sekinah Adekola the proprietress of Ad-din International College, Ibadan.She had her primary and secondary school education on scholarship.

Abdulkadir Islamiyat Oluwatoyin was so brilliant that she won a writing competition on poverty eradication held at her state of origin Oyo which led her through secondary school.

After completing her secondary education, she had to spend a full year at home to do some work before she could register for Jamb examination.

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After writing jamb, she was lucky to get admission to study medicine and surgery in the University Of Ibadan. Not so long she got admission at university of Ibadan, she won a scholarship to study Nursing at international university of Africa (IUA) Sudan.

Why Abdulkadir Islamiyat Oluwatoyin graduated as a doctor instead of Nursing

It’s true that she was offered admission to read nursing at IUA but she graduated as a doctor. This is due to her outstanding performance in her primordial year of study when she made a CGPA of 3.61 of 4.0. Her GPA was the highest ever gotten in that school.

With all her performances and CGPA score, the Faculty of Medicine International University of Africa Sudan chose her to be one of her students. it is a god news that a Nigerian Lady Emerges best Graduating Medical Doctor in Sudan University

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  • Congratulations, you dreams it and you achieved it. May Allah crown your efforts with His unlimited blessings and grant you good health and long life to enjoy the fruits of your labor amin:- Engr Yusuf suleiman Ganiyu from Ibadan

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