Ultimate Cycler Website is Now Back and fully Functional

Ultimate Cycler Website is Now Back and fully Functional – After some weeks of constant working, the owner of ultimate cycler network Peter Wolfing relaunched the new website with new design and features as he promised.

As we all know, Ultimate Cycler is a peer to peer donation community that requires members to register and bring in others to form a team. When you register with 12500, you will receive 4 donations from other people who will also pay you 12500.

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The ULTIMATE CYCLER system was moving well in Nigeria but the site was not strong enough because Peter wolfing said he don’t know that they will get such traffic from Nigerians. The statistics shows that about 1.2 million users registered Ultimate Cycler from Nigeria within one month.

Because the current hosting capacity of the website that time could not carry the traffic, Peter Wolfing decided to bring down Ultimate Cycler website so as to work on it and make it stable to any kind of traffic.

Due to fear and panic that the site has crashed, the admin of the site now decided to bring back the old version online but removed registration features. This means that old participants were able to access their account but there was no registration of new members.

After some weeks of constant working, the Peter Wolfing now released the new Ultimate Cycler online. He succeeded in changing the design of the website because he said other people cloned his formal design. It was confirmed that Ultimate CyclerPlus copied the design of UltimateCycler and that is why Peter Wolfing needed to change the design.

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Now, the almighty Ultimate Cycler website is back and better. Registration has commenced equally and those who are interested in registration can now register and pay 12500 and get 50,000 within one week if you work hard.

How to register – www.ultimatecycler.com – Ultimate Cycler

To be able to participate, you can now register if you are interested. To register, click www.ultimatecycler.com

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