Best and Cheap MTN Data Plans for 2017 – MTN Data Plan Code


Best and Cheap MTN Data Plans for 2017 – MTN Data Plan Code – Would you like to get cheap data plan that accompanied the new year?, if yes, then no need to worry as all your data needs will be handled here. You only need to read slowly to get all the details you need about Cheap MTN Data Plan for the year.

This January, MTN Nigeria has introduced new data plans just to meet with the need and demands of customers. There is competition now in the communication industry and that leads to many of them launching new data plans to keep customers. This is interesting and I know you will like to know about them, read up.

With this new MTN Data Plans, you will no longer need to tweak your phone or change its IME because it is something everybody can afford.

MTN Data Plans

I will be showing you the latest and cheapest MTN Data Plans for 2017, if you are a regular data subscriber like me, then relax and get it cheap so as to save some cash from data subscription.

One good thing about the plans I am going to share now is that you can use it on any device being it android PC or blackberry.

How to Get Cheap MTN Data Plans in Nigeria

I will outline all the MTN Data Plans here for you to choose the one that best suit your need. I will also share their activation code for those who would like to subscribe with their code.

In this plans, there are classified into daily, weekly and monthly plan. It now depends on you to choose the one you wants to go for, everything will be specified here for you to make a choice.


The night data subscription is one of the cheapest MTN data plan for January 2017. With only N2500, you can get a whooping data cap of 4.5GB.

This plan works only in the night and its duration is 30 days.

There is another cheap data you can get with 1000. Its data cap is 3GB and it will last for one month.

One thing with this plan is that it can only be used with DroidVPN. DroidVPN wouldn’t be a problem as you can download and set it up with ease.


To get the 4.5G night data plan for 2500, dial *110#

To get 3G for 1000 usable with DroidVPN, send BBC to 21600


You can see other plans obtainable in MTN network bellow, subscribe to them and enjoy them


Some daily plan gives 30 MB for 100 while the other gives 100MB for 200 naira. All expires within 24 hours.

Data subscription code

For 30MB, send 104 to 131

For 100MB, send 113 to 131


You can activate the weekly plan and get 750Mb with 500 naira. It will last for seven days then expires.

Subscription code: To subscribe for weekly plan, send 103 to 131


With MTN monthly data plan, you will be sure of internet connection for one whole month. You can either choose to subscribe for 1.5G plan, 3.5G plan, 10G or 20G plan respectively.

With 1000, you can get 1.5G data valid for one month; with 2000 you can get 3.5G data valid for one month too.

Those who needs 10G data plans will have 5000 at hand while those who want to subscribe for 22G MTN data plan should recharge with 10k.


To subscribe for 1.5GB send 106 to 131

To subscribe for 3.5GB send 110 to 131

To subscribe for 10G data Plan, send 113 to 131

To subscribe for 22GB send 117 to 131

This are the best MTN Data Plans in Nigeria 2017, others will be dropped soon so stay glued.


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