MMM Is back and fully Resumes Activities ahead of time

MMM Is back and fully Resumes Activities ahead of time – The question relating to “is MMM Nigeria back? “Can now be well answered as the most popular Ponzi scheme MMM Nigeria resumes activities after freezing all the participants Mavro during the festive period.

Many of the participants of MMM have feared if it would still come back again as promised. MMM Nigeria has now showed both the participants and Nigerians at large that they keeps to their promise and even resumed before the expected date.

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Many said mmm will never come back and some media wrote one or two things about MMM coming back in 2017. This is the reason they have decided to resume ahead of time to show the media and those criticizing MMM that MMM keep to their words. MMM was supposed to resume on 14th January 2016 but resumed ahead of time to prove to those who said it will never come back again that they are true to their words.

Officially, MMM is back, it came back on 13th January, 2016 and participants were able to create a withdrawal order. They have been jubilation among participants as they now know that mmm can’t go back from what they said.

Sergey Mavrodi the MMM boss in his statement during the release of mmm participants frozen mavro said that everybody will not be able to withdraw their money at the same time but it will be in batches. He further said that those who provided help with smaller amount will first withdraw as he wants the poor ones in the system to withdraw first.

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Mavrodi said that participants were asked to participate with spare money, so if you provide a help of one million, that is your spare money and the person that provided help of 20,000 will be paid first because the one who provided help of 1 million is richer and can endure since it is his/her spare money.

All participants are t log in to their MMM Office and click on Get help. If it works for you, then you are in the first batch of people whose mavro are released to Get Help.

MMM is fully back and activities has resumed as usual. Participants are the community future; don’t panic to pay if you are matched.

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