Npower Second Phase: List of Successful candidates for Npower Second Batch


Npower Second Phase: List of Successful candidates for Npower Second Batch – The first batch of successful candidates for Npower recruitment 2017 is out and successful candidates has been paid their monthly stipends, now those that was not successful have been asking when the second batch will be out.

Npower recruitment second batch list will be released soon and it is going to comprise of those who applied for tech, creative and knowledge base. We decided to compile this article to give most people, who have been calling us hope.  If your name is not in first batch, then patiently wait for second batch and pray it appears there.

Here, we are going to show you how to check your name in the npower second batch list. The second phase will soon begin and just like the first people, shortlisted candidates will have to login their account and update their account details to be able to receive their monthly stipend.

How to check Npower Second Batch List – Npower recruitment 2017

All those whose name did not appear in the first phase can now check their name in the second phase of the npower recruitment 2017.

All you need to do is to visit the

The list of successful candidates for second batch npower recruitment will be published there for public view.

If your name appears there, follow the steps bellow to update your account and receive your monthly stipend.

Npower Volunteers Network – How to update your account Online

All those who made it in the npower second batch list update their account details online via so as to get paid.

I have received many calls from those in the first batch telling me that someone logged in to their account and put their own account details. To that end, I advise you not to share your details online as many people online are only there looking for people to defraud, login immediately you saw your name in the list and update your account.

How will you know when the list is out? To be on the safer side, you will have to bookmark this page and visit it daily to know when the list is out. Once the list came out, it will be announced here for all our npower subscribers.

Have any issues with Npower second batch List? Drop us a comment bellow.


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