Npower Verified Logo and How to Get it to appear on your Npower Dashboard


All the verified npower beneficiaries supposed to see the verified npower logo on their dashboard.

There are different stages of npower recruitment. It all started with the online application, down to online assessment test to physical verification and the release of the final selection list.

Those whose name appears in the final selection list will still have to wait for deployment. Once they got deployed, they will receive their posting letters.

The posting letter will be taken to their individual place of primary assignment to be signed and stamped.

Then it will be uploaded back to npower portal.

Only when these stages are completed will a beneficiary deem his/herself verified and certified by npower Nigeria.

With the about illustration, I think we can now be able to curl the meaning of N-Power Verified Logo out.

What is N-Power Verified Logo?

This is the logo that appears on all the npower beneficiaries profile once they are verified and certified.

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We have explained all the processes of getting the logo to appear on your dashboard.

If you haven’t seen the logo on your npower profile, then you are not getting something right.

You need to follow the steps below to get things corrected and your verified Npower logo will show up on your account.

How to get Npower Verified Logo to appear on your profile

If you have followed all the steps outlined here and yet to see the verified logo, don’t worry it’s not something that cannot be handled.

Note that they are being handled in batches. If it’s not yet showing on your own portal, wait patiently for your batch.

Make sure your profile is updated with your bank information and bvn.

Your name should also be in the list sent by your state focal person to npower headquarters Abuja.

Also, be informed that npower verified logo is a guarantee for device selection menu to appear and smooth payment of your monthly stipends.

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