Oil Workers Threatens to Go on Strike – Price of Patrol to Increase

Oil Workers Threatens to Go on Strike – Price of Patrol to Increase – Information reaching us now is that Nigerian oil workers have threatened to embark on an indefinite strike. It was noted that the Oil workers have gone on strike before but suspended it. Now they are saying that if the federal government of Nigeria didn’t implement the tripartite agreement reached with the Oil workers, they will embark on a strike.

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It was gathered that the on Friday 2nd September 2016, the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria threatens that they might resume the suspended strike if the Nigerian Federal Government didn’t or refused to put the agreement they reached with oil workers into law.

Oil Workers Threatens to Go on Strike – Price of Patrol to Increase

PENGASSAN is the petroleum and natural Gas senior staff Association of Nigeria. After issuing the threat on Friday which was in the form of written letter signed by PENGASSAN acting secretary, they said that they noticed that the federal government is not making any progress to carry out the implementation of the said reached agreement. The  Price of Patrol will Increase if they embarks on strike.

PENGASSAN lamented that the agreement they reached with the federal government was signed a month ago but since then, Government have been reluctance in treating the case thereby not implementing the agreement.

The reason petroleum and natural gas senior staff association of Nigeria is threatening to embark on strike is so that federal government will intervene on the implementation of the agreement to avoid the nationwide strike which PENGASSAN wants to embark on.

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The organization in their letter urged that there should be fast implementation of the resolution they reached in the meeting. They further said that if it is not implemented, they will be left with no option other than to give up on the pressure been mounted on them by the members by embarking on strike.

Price of Patrol will Increase drastically if federal government did not pay good attention to Oil Workers Threatens to Go on Strike. This will happen if eventually they went on strike.

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