What is wrong with ultimate cycler website – Ultimate cycler crashed

What is wrong with ultimate cycler website – Ultimate cycler crashed  – I have been receiving calls and sms from ultimate cycler participants that the website is no more accessible, many are even afraid that the website has crashed. After some investigation our team made, we have discovered what is wrong with Ultimate cycler website.

If you are a member of the ultimate cycler community, then you need not to fear as nothing is wrong with the website, read all you need to know about the site, why it is offline and when the site will start working. I have put this across to help those who are already panicking and to answer the question people do ask whether ultimate cycler website has crashed once and for all.

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Due to high rate of traffic ultimate cycler website received from Nigerian participants, the website went down some days ago, it was upgraded but the persistence in the traffic had led to the current upgrade in the Ultimate Cycler Website at the moment.

Many blog writers are already saying that Ultimate cycler website has crashed. It is not true, they are doing this to drive traffic and get people’s attention. At, we call a spade a spade so we are here to communicate the news been carried about by people that ultimate cycler website has crashed.

One of our team member was opportune to speak with the admin of ultimate cycler who made us to understand that the website will be back and better soon, he assured our rep that the website has not crashed in any way but developers are at work to make sure they achieve a user friendly Ultimate Cycler website.

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The Big Question

Has Ultimate Cycler Website Crashed?

What is wrong with ultimate cycler website?

The answer to the question has ultimate cycler website crashed is no, the ultimate cycler website has not crashed. Then those who asked what is wrong with ultimate cycler website should know that the website is simply undergoing maintenance and system upgrade to serve users better.

When will the Website be back Online –

The website will be up and running immediately the upgrade is completed. According to the admin, the upgrade might take up to 24 hours or longer. All the participants are advised to be patient while this is been done as it is aimed at serving participants better.

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