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www.remita.net – Make and Receive Online Payment via Remita.net – I will be showing you how to pay federal government bill through Remita Online Collection. You will be able to make any payment after you might have generate your RRR code. How to generate remita code will be part of this post just listen up and grab what you need about www.remita.net

Before I proceed to telling you more about Remita, let me first tell you what it means. RRR stands for Remita Retrieval reference. It is an online payment system; it is now responsible for various federal government bill payments. With Remits, you can pay acceptance fee, school fees, PHCN Bill, FIRS Taxes and other government bills.

All the above can be done via www.remita.net. Once you login to the website, you will be able to choose what you want to pay for and proceed with your payment if you have generated your Remita Retrieval reference code.

How to generate remita retrieval reference – Generate Remita Code

If you are paying any federal government bill, you will have to generate your RRR code online after you might have filled the name of the organization you are paying to, the amount and other personal details. After filling the form at www.remita.net, the system will redirect you to a page where you will generate your remita retrieval reference code.

For those paying school fee or acceptance fee, the Remita Code is always given by the school with the amount to be paid.

Once you have your Remita code, you can now proceed to make payment. There are various means of paying a remita bill, you can pay direct in the bank or use online banking to make your payment. Some banks like GTBank Mobile app accept remita payment online.

Procedures for Paying Federal Government Bill Online Using Remita Online Payment – www.remita.net

Step One: Visit the online payment website via www.Remita.Net

Step Two: Choose what you are paying for e.g. Pay a federal Government Agency or Pay FIRS Taxes

Step Three: Fill the form that will come up and proceed to generate your Remita code as described above.

Note that you can also sign up to receive payment with remita.net online payment. You will only have to register with remita via www.remita.net/index.php/receive-payments-easily then login to provide the details of the product or services you want to receive payment for.

After doing the above, you will have to inform your customers to visit Remita Online collection website to pay you.


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